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June 2019
4 Min read

Mystery shopping tours

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Looking for a good way to travel and earn?
Conducting Mystery Shopping assignments is the answer for you!

If you’re making a trip across town for a mystery shopping location, make sure you check the system for other mystery shopping opportunities. Choose locations which are close to each other and apply for them all to maximize earning potential for your trip.

All you need to remember is that some projects have limits in the number of assignments a single shopper can undertake and these limits are set by the client.

Advantages of mystery shopping tours:

  • Opportunity to discover new places. Tour – is the best option for passionate travelers, who enjoy driving a car.
  • Higher payment. When you make more visits – you receive more money, it is very simple. By accepting a number of mystery visits, you could possibly get a good bonus for your work.
  • Variety of projects. You can diversify your work by taking part in different types of mystery shopping jobs while traveling across the region.
  • Fuel Reimbursement. You don’t have to worry about wasting your fuel as mystery shopping companies usually provide you with total or partial payment for travel expenses. Just remember to choose the most direct route when planning your trip, so you may easily reach the necessary place.


  • You need to have a car. Of course, you may travel by public transport or ask your friend to give you a lift, but it is much more convenient to be your own boss in charge of your own schedule.
  • Time. You may spend a couple of hours undertaking mystery shopping visits in different locations. You also need to make time for fulfilling the survey, so you may fill in all necessary comments and attach photos or audio if required.

Tips for mystery shopping tours

  1. Make time to take notes.
    After each mystery visit, find 15 minutes to take notes while the memories are still vivid. This way, you’re less likely to forget the details of the interaction while completing your survey.
  2. Set your own deadline.
    Take note of deadlines and stay ahead of them by setting personal deadlines for yourself. Set calendar reminders so you’re actively reminded when a report is due.

  3. Comments are vital.
    It is extremely important to provide detailed comments on all locations. Your comments, along with the answers to your questions, provide a complete summary of what took place during the encounter.

  4. Prepare for tomorrow’s tour today.
    Having less to do the morning of your tour will help you to keep in mind all necessary rules, as well as stay focused on the tiny details. Simple things like setting out your clothes and printing directions the night before can make the morning of your work go much more smoothly.

  5. Enjoy yourself!
    The more you have fun in each assignment, the more successful you become as a mystery shopper. Sign up for our visits to the system and enjoy new projects today.


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