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April 2020
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Shifting THE Digital World

Derkach Anastasiya

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Coronavirus is not just the reason to stay at home, but also the impetus for the global development of modern technology, the reason for the appearance of the new interactions and services in the current environment.

We live in the age of digital revolution, and almost every individual can not imagine his or her life without digital technologies. Everything around us is being transformed, and every day we feel the presence of new technologies in all spheres of our life. The software manages the operation of many things around us, from mobile phones and computers to washing machines and credit cards. 

According to the McKinsey report, the number of devices connected to the network will exceed $75 billion by 2025. New services appear almost every day — they take care of our health, safety, interests, free time, work (which is so important in such a difficult time from economic and humanity’s point of view).

  • Job Search — HeadHunter, Linkedin, Skype Interviews.
  • Food — applications that calculate calories, food delivery apps.
  • Communication — messengers, social networks.
  • Searching for soulmates — Tinder, Instagram.

It is obvious that the use of modern digital technologies in one way or another is necessary for every kind of business. The necessary minimum for any company now is the existence of a site and accounts in social networks. However, even this minimum should work at maximum.

Your product’s consumers should use an application that does not lag, and visit a website that opens pages in seconds, have all working buttons, without “sliding” infographics. It seems to be elementary, but many business owners ignore them, focusing only on improving the product or service provided. This is the case when the user and digital channels testing comes in handy.

What Is Digital Testing? 

Testing is checking the quality of your digital channels performance, providing full information about the state of your product, and the presence of bugs through the user’s eyes.

There is automatic testing and manual testing performed according to the scenario by a user from your potential target audience.

Our company has already worked in the field of digital product testing with some clients, and during the period of increasing demand for new technology development and total switch to online, we have created a new brand — 4testers

This agency focuses on crowdtesting and provides the following services:

  • User Experience Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Social Media Research
  • Competitor research

We aim to help companies to investigate and create a great digital user experience, and help to see their products through the real customers’ eyes. This is what differs 4testers from the competitors — we have a large base of testers with various user experiences.

The main purpose of testing your digital channels is to thoroughly examine the user-friendliness of your product, correctly set up all the indicators, quickly detect and eliminate all the faults and to adapt it to different devices. This will be useful and convenient for both you and your customers.

Testing is also necessary when adding new functionality. Even if you plan to make minor changes such as adding icons or changing the font, they should be tested first. It is important that all innovations are displayed correctly and are always available to users.

Crowdtesting and Manual Testing

  How to speed up the testing process without compromising the product quality? You can expand your QA team and buy more devices; write a bunch of autotests and run them in the Cloud; rent some devices and test an application together with a QA engineer. Otherwise, you can turn to some crowd-testing platform such as 4testers.

You need to provide a link to the build, select an operating system, and the devices on which you want to test your product. You can even choose the country where the testers should be from. In general, the wish list can be very long. Then we set a task for our employees, and the army of testers will start working. After a while, you will get the results and decide which bugs to fix and with which you can get back to after release.

For the effective examination, you need to take into account all the nuances of the product’s operation and check all its functionality, from the simplest settings to the analysis of the correctness of its individual functions.

If you want to regularly add new functionality and keep up with your competitors’ actions, you should always check the product’s capabilities manually before creating autotests. Simply because manual testing speeds up your processes. You can also get benefit from the manual testing in the following ways:

  • Customer Feedback.
  • UI-feedback. Nowadays, the user interface plays a huge role and therefore, you can fully test it only manually.
  • Real-time testing.
  • Research testing capability.

Advantages of Testing with 4testers

You will gain more customers, loyalty, and brand awareness by enhancing digital User Experience in every channel. We will be glad to help your company applying our resources:

  • Global testers panel

We are covering 92 countries and all continents

  • Target audience

Create and test products exclusively with your real target audience

  • Own methods

We have created dozens of methods for solid user testing

  • Research background

Our parent company is a leading provider in the research world since 2001

  • Agile approach

Dedicated team and agile methods for every project

  • Cost-effective

Our remote Eastern European team can easily handle global challenges

We live in an era of global changes and challenges. This is a race of technology and improvements, advantages, and opportunities. Is it possible to use digital solutions to improve our reality? We believe that the answer is “Yes”

Let’s shift THE digital world with 4testers!


5/5 - (7 votes)
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