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November 2019
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There are no perfect clients,
there are perfect services 

Derkach Anastasiya

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The development of the sales market and increased competition, the emergence of new marketing and advertising technologies, as well as the development of the Internet, have made buyers more selective and demanding of the companies and products they offer. 

Companies that want to make the most of market growth and to withstand high competition, need to know exactly what consumers want and what brands and service attributes affect their loyalty.

The number of demanding customers has increased. They have a great deal of information about what they plan to buy, and actively use this information. What will make such a consumer a “fan” of your brand? 

Modern users are connected with each other in social networks, so the impact of reputation and quality of the product on the consumers’ opinion has become more noticeable. The first impression of contact with the company is very important. There are countless opportunities to make a positive impression, but the first purchase / first experience of cooperation is the defining moment.

Even if your service is flawless, there is always a “gate” that can crack, even if the product offered is Cybertruck steel.

If you have stated that you had a cosmic product – match it. And if your service has failed – do not be afraid to apologize. Sometimes it is better to admit the problem and tell your customers that you are working on fixing it. This will add value in the customer’s eyes.

Your clients will change along with you as you gain popularity in your industry. The more popular you become, the greater your customer expectations will be.  After all, as many sales – as many requirements for these sales. 

The flip side of the coin of this popularity is respect. Your customers will also begin to give you more space for creative/ technical freedom. And it is necessary to master this freedom skilfully.

The balance in the relationship between a consumer and a company is strongly shifted in favor of the buyer. Therefore, you need to clearly understand who he is – the ideal customer for your company.

There is a large number of consumer classifications, but basically, all of them are based on the criteria, which customers rely on when choosing a product or service.


The first type

You might have a lot of difficulties when dealing with these clients. Their main search criterion is the price.

The second type

Middle class. These people make a choice based on the price-quality ratio.

The third type

These people have a serious problem, and they need to solve it asap, so they purchase the first suitable solution. The main selection criteria are speed and a guaranteed result

How to deal with these types of customers?

  1. Carry out analytics. Find out how important it is for your company to focus on the clients from the economy segment. Accordingly, revise the pricing policy, or pay more attention to the luxury segment, leaving the price unchanged or even increasing it.
  2. Develop tactics of behavior with different segments. In the b2b segment, there are most of such customers with whom you can have a dialogue choosing the best solution for the quality of goods and services they need. 
  3. Make the buying process as convenient as possible. For the third type of clients, the main thing is not to obstruct their client’s way. Make it clear and simple. 

Implementing these approaches of qualitative service is directed on the achievement of the main goal – an increase of customer loyalty. The client loyalty can be much influenced by such additional services as the ability to pick up the purchase in the store, free delivery, flexible return policies.

To find out how loyal your client is, you need to conduct market research.

Marketing research will help you:

  • to segment the audience,
  • to provide a personalized approach,
  • to make models that help to predict future behavior and customer needs for creating specialized offers. 

If you want to improve your relationships with customers, move to a new level of sales and just become a successful company, you should always remember about your customers.

  What is important to remember when working with a client:

  • Representatives of the “pure” customer type in sales are very rare in life;
  • There is no “bad” or “good” customer;
  • The process and success of trading always depend on the circumstances, and they are never the same.
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