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October 2019
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Your benefits from ‘Mystery Shopping service’

Derkach Anastasiya

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Technology of mystery shopping offers two models of research:

  1. The expert model: carries out regular “mystery shoppers” (they are usually from 100 to 500 people). Lack – experts carry out research as experts, instead of as usual buyers;
  2. The consumer model: hundreds and thousands of different people, who are the target audience of the customer, carry out the research.

The consumer model becomes an essential tool for the client in times of the crisis. Scheduling Worldwide company carries out the assessment of service quality in three stages:

  • Objective assessment is a standard parameter;
  • Subjective assessment is an emotion that arose during the visit;
  • NPS net support index is a readiness of the inspector to recommend the company’s services.

The consumer model makes it possible to cover a large number of problems, the study of which would require additional costs. In addition, one mystery shopper performs a limited number of checks, so you can get a lot of unique opinions. When ordering, for example, a thousand estimates, each customer performs a maximum of two and a half visits in one study (rotation index 2.5). This is followed by a long rotation period. This approach allows for collecting a maximum of opinions.

For a good survey, it is necessary to use different assessment tools and to gather representatives of different categories and strata of the population for this purpose.

The benefits of the mystery shopping program for any brand are numerous and include:

  1. Monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction.You get honest feedback about the work of your employees and the client service by mystery shopper reviews.
  2. Competitive analysis between locations. It allows you to compare levels across stores and locations in the same way
  3. Identify small problems before they escalate. If a mystery shopper finds small problems, you can insight into how things can be improved before they reach the customer’s complaint.
  4. Identify training needs and sales opportunities. The detailed reporting provided during the mystery shopping program identifies key areas for improving customer service, such as staff training and identifying potential sales and cross-selling opportunities.
  5. Improve customer retention. The ensuring of service level makes your business attractive to existing customers, not just to attract new customers.
  6. Improved customer service.  This can have a positive impact on your profits.
  7. Attracting and motivating employees. An incentive initiative can be implemented to encourage employees to provide the required level of customer service.

What mystery shoppers do?

Mystery Shopping standards imply the rotation of mystery shoppers. It includes the frequency of the visit of the buyer – time in 3-6 months that depends on the specificity of the project and passability of points.

Each mystery shopper is supported by a coordinator – from registration to completion of the questionnaire. This increases loyalty and helps in recruiting.

The cost of Mystery Shopping services depends on a number of factors: project objectives, the complexity of the scenario, number of evaluations, profile, location, and rotation level. If you only need a general estimate of the service, it is inexpensive. But to identify the reasons for such an assessment, more processes and analytical actions are needed. It costs more. From high paying mystery shopping companies, you get high-quality service.

When research costs are reduced, its quality decreases. The fewer assessments are made, the less representative the sample is, and it does not allow to draw conclusions about the service in the whole network. Performing research with a small number of evaluations is a waste of money.

If you want to find out how much will be the cost of a mystery shopping program contact us and we will give you the feedback. Don’t waste your time and give us the opportunity to improve your service.

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