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November 2019
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Your benefits from Retail Audit service

Derkach Anastasiya

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The retail audit has significant and measurable benefits both within and outside the organization.  It helps to improve store performance, protect the brand and ensure a high payback.

The main benefits of retail audits are timeous, cost-effective and scalable data collection and aggregation. Using in-store auditing, you can quickly collect large amounts of data that exactly match your specifications.

Advantages for business

Do you have questions about merchandising compliance? Set up an audit around this.

Not sure about store efficiency? Conduct an audit in the field to be aware of any potential problems, take corrective action and ensure operational efficiency.

In addition, it is not necessary to conduct a retail audit by individuals associated with your business, such as field traders or market research companies. One of the additional strategies is to use mystery shoppers to retrieve store data as there are more mystery shoppers than employees, and data can be collected more quickly and from more salespoints.

It is possible to get real data only when you visually overview the salespoint.

 Advantage for customers

The retail audit gives the customer advantages in the form of the following data:

  • the volume of provisioning the market with specific brands from different manufacturers;
  • the ratio of individual products and their principal difference;
  • availability of open trade niches and offer of commodity positions that could fill them;
  • quality of the existing commodity provisioning and possible steps to improve the situation.

Thus, it is possible to control the entire life cycle of goods in a store, the quality of merchandisers, sales staff, compliance with sanitary regulations and corporate standards. Additional information about the competitors’ same positions situation will allow you to quickly change your own trade policy.

An obvious advantage of such research is to promptly get the overall picture without involving internal personnel of the enterprise. The experts involved are as neutral as possible during the audit. Data analysis and provision of results is also performed by professional experts.

The retail audit is recommended to be carried out on a regular basis, which provides an opportunity to react promptly to seasonal changes in demand. Additionally, the data allow finding more convenient suppliers of the particular product (for example, putting new products on sale, which other sellers do not have yet).

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