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July 2019
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3 main benefits of mystery shopping for the Automotive Sector

Derkach Anastasiya

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  • What hidden problems does the customer face with your service?
  • Do your sales staff adhere to the standards of your car dealership company? 
  • Is your staff training budget focussed on the right priorities? 
  • A potential customer entering your car dealership already makes up half the deal – what about the other half?

Your company may use the CRM system to help you in the process of impact analysis, but even the best one cannot track the critical moment of your sales process: whether an interaction between customer and staff was smooth and correct, whether the salesperson asked the right questions and whether the company achieved the sale or not.

That is why you need the automotive mystery shopping project to fill in the gaps.

So let us define 3 main benefits of mystery shopping for the Automotive Sector

1) Growth

  • Customers are loyal, they buy more and tell their friends.
  • New customers show that you are better than your competitors.
  • Service improves: the company responds to customer wishes and standards quickly improve.

To reach these goals first of all you need to improve quality of communication.
Today, 94% of potential buyers contact car dealerships via the car sales website and very often use a mobile device. Besides that, 50% of customers spend between 7 to 9 hours researching and reading information about their future purchase before visiting a car dealership.

Therefore, the marketing department of the car dealership should make every effort to effectively use online channels, especially their own website.

During their visit to the dealership, customers are willing to receive high-level service and also expect staff to be experts in the different models of cars.

Online survey-tracking with our Shopmetrics system gives you an opportunity to explore the behavior of your potential customers, provides insights into the particular car models customers are interested in as well as the features that customers find essential. It will give you a complex vision of the customer journey – starting from their needs and experience, to the analysis of barriers and hypothesis on optimization.

2) Emotions

  • The number of customer complaints is decreasing.
  • Customers stay with the company longer, the period of cooperation with the company is increasing.
  • Employees are satisfied with the work, the turnover is decreasing, there is a possibility of career growth from the ground up.

Through automotive mystery shopping, we develop programs with scenarios and questionnaires that fully reflect your internal quality standards.

We have a worldwide base of experienced mystery shoppers with vast expertise in automotive projects. They will act like regular buyers, but note all the specific details and pay attention to the “blank areas” of the selling process.

As a result of automotive mystery shopping investigations company will know:
– At which points the target audience comes into contact with the product
– How different audience segments interact with the product
What emotions do customers experience during the process, and much more.

With the data obtained, sales employees are better prepared when dealing with customers. They also save both their time and that of their customers as well as improving the customer’s opinion of your car dealership.

3) Money

  • The average bill is increasing: accessories and cross-selling are bought more often.
  • The customers are ready to buy at a higher price rate – “Pay for service”.

Knowledge of budgets is also important. If you know a customer’s budget, you can often tailor your approach during negotiations over the price. This will have a positive effect on profit and closing sales. Companies which track buyer interests are able to find out which models of the car the buyer is looking for, and, at the same time, ascertain their approximate budget. The sales department then uses this information during future negotiations.

The information relating to an approximate budget gives car dealerships an incredible advantage when it comes to being the first to negotiate with customers. It also increases the profits of the company.

Based on the results of the automotive mystery shopping method, we offer solutions and measures to further develop your sales staff in delivering the best possible client needs fulfillment. Our automotive mystery shopping provides insightful reports and assists you in reaching the right conclusions. If needed, Scheduling Worldwide can even provide you with action and training plans.

Nevertheless, this is only the beginning of what we can offer. Scheduling worldwide will guide you through the whole way of implementing the updates on the service standards, developing a new motivational program for personnel, as well as evaluating the results of the automotive mystery shopping project across the locations.

You will receive the support of our worldwide expertise in the automotive industry and may use the insights of the program as your guideline.

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