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January 2020
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E-commerce Customer Journey Map

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Ecommerce Customer Journey Map Example

“Meeting” with consumers should be the initial stage of any CJM creation. If an enterprise is aware of their clients’ secrets and wishes, they realize how to improve their services to make them reliable and catchy. Observations, interviews, questionnaires are just a few samples of how it is possible to perceive more valid data about the brand’s audience.

In case you approach the matter with all the responsibility, that means your aim is to build the visual research that is not just a result but an instruction for “heaven-sent” actions (a guide on how to make an ecommerce customer journey map template a valid “investment”), the following profound results are achievable:

  • optimize consumer’s way in your company, taking into account business practices (acquaintance with the service, purchase stage, etc.);
  • eliminate barriers and weak chains in interaction of your target audience and managers or product;
  • increase overall customer satisfaction with services received and the degree of their loyalty to the brand.

When it comes to designing a CJM, there are no right or wrong methodologies or techniques. A standard form of this map presentation is a graph. Pro-level masters are more creative: such project can also be a slide-show or a video. The main goal here is to tell the complete client’s story.

How to Make a CJM

Making a customer journey map is a team effort, the process of which can be compared with brainstorming. Therefore, we highly recommend brands to start working on this project with as many interested members of your team as possible. This will allow getting different opinions on the entire product’s path from versatile perspectives.

In the majority of situations, clients behave non-linearly, and scenarios with a bunch of branches look unpredictable and often chaotic. There are dozens of unobvious user steps. Each of them can play an irreplaceable role. That means to convince a visitor choosing your service instead of competitive alternatives.

Subjectivity may influence the procedure negatively. In order to avoid eventual threats, assistance of third parties may turn out to be a key to success. It will enlarge the number of multifaceted views of more experienced colleagues on your activities and functioning of consumers there. This will also speed up the project and help you create your own CJM fast and qualitatively.

During our practice, we have treated various CJM pitfalls. Now Scheduling Worldwide team is happy to share our experience with you. Click here to contact us!

5/5 - (1 vote)
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