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January 2020
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How do business intelligence systems provide competitive advantages?

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Company’s Development in Modern Reality

Nowadays a company’s success directly depends on the speed of organization’s reactions on inner and outer stimulating factors. The work within departments should be organized in such way, so that company’s management would be able to recognize changes in market dynamics and respond to them effectively in order to increase profit, basing on existing realities of the field.

In this perspective, managers are supposed to monitor market trends, identify competitors and threats, assess risks, transform organization’s strategy, etc. Information is a necessary productive resource for making effective management decisions.

However, the amount of versatile material is huge, and it can become a challenge to manipulate such volume of data without any assistance. In this case, business intelligence systems are a tool which allows summarizing data from external sources and form a user-friendly information base to simplify company’s decision-making.

Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI) As a Source Of Valuable Information

In simple words, the term “business intelligence system” means practices, approaches and technologies used for collecting, integrating, analyzing and presenting unified information, obtained from different sources.

The business intelligence system is a core around which the flows of strategic business information are formed. This tool helps a company make decisions that will be based on the correct information received on time.

BI Tools to Gain Competitive Benefits

One of the main areas where business intelligence systems will be second to none is company’s financial sector. With the growth of your organization, the efforts made to search and sort data should increase as well. In turn, BI will help you keep track of paperwork and finances flow, so that you will see a fuller perspective of situation, make predictions of possible changes, and forward resources to the spheres with higher necessity of development. To keep the lights on is a great deal, but BI provides you with a powerful competitive advantage — the ability to create and realize multiple ways of your company’s evolution.

How do business intelligence systems provide competitive advantages? When business intelligence systems are applied properly and to the full extent, enterprises can reach a maximum level of the following benefits:

  • improved management efficiency;
  • better understanding of the market;
  • more accurate and faster analysis, reporting, and planning;
  • more resources to increase the level of customer satisfaction;
  • more well-thought-out allocation of resources and funds.

Moreover, BI provides you with tools to streamline the inventory management system of your company. In turn, this will promote your wasteful spending reduce process. Monitoring this sector will also help you better understand how much your offers match customers’ demand.

It is important to constantly keep an eye on the progress of BI tools as well. Traditional projects of the kind are mainly focused on internal data flow within an enterprise. However, numerous modern and upgraded tools of business intelligence systems require analysis of external resources. For instance, they may include historical weather forecasts and maps. At first sight, such a deep analysis may seem insane. Do not be hasty in generalization: such “depth” is a key to gaining new insights and find out trends your organization has not had an idea about. In other words, this will be a great depart from your company’s comfort zone and, therefore, a new way to recharge batteries.

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