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January 2020
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How to Incorporate Customer Journey Mapping Into Your Marketing Strategy?

Derkach Anastasiya

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There is no doubt that studying consumer behavior is the most important thing in marketing research. That’s why the biggest companies implement customer journey mapping in their strategies.

CJM. What does it mean? and How to implement it in a company?

CJM is aimed at finding out customer’s points of interaction with an enterprise and helps to understand consumers, their expectations and needs, potential ways to achieve certain goals. The purpose of such map is to identify and correct pain points for customers, making their path easier and more comfortable.

In order to learn more about how to create a customer journey map, continue reading our article.

Customer Journey Mapping: Where to Start?

The next steps are:

— understanding where your company is now;

— actually choosing the moment where to start incorporation of CJM in your marketing strategy.

If you work in b2b segments, you need to include all purchase decision points in a purchase-making procedure. No matter what you suggest to the clients — the product or service.

After implementing CJM in your work, you’ll get opportunities to influence your client opinions about the purchase.

Each of your customers goes through several decision-making stages:

Awareness stage is when a potential client becomes aware of purchase need and starts looking for solutions.

The involvement stage is acquaintance with a brand perspective.

Assessment stage. A potential client identifies and assesses applicable solutions.

The purchase – a point when a client paid for goods or services received.

After-purchase stage — providing additional purchase due to the customer needs.

Online buyer experiences the same path of CJM stages and requires researching and evaluating all touchpoints with a brand.

The key aspect at all of its touchpoints need content that accompanies these stages.

Place your customers in the center of your activity and provide content that satisfies consumers at every current phase of customer journey map.


Marketing mapping of B2B customer journey is extremely helpful in producing successful content. In this way you can motivate a client to proceed to the next stage.

Your content should guide customers during purchasing. It has to provide answers, address their mainpain points to offer competitive solutions at each stage.

However, this does not mean that incorporating a customer journey map in the marketing strategy will meet all your expectations. There should be always a place for improvement and interaction with clients.

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