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October 2019
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Service goals of mystery shopping

Derkach Anastasiya

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Most business owners want to improve their customer service and make sure that the experience they provide remains consistent in the future. One way to get it is involving a mystery shopping program. This program allows you to consider the work of personnel from the consumer point of view and take timely measures to improve the quality of service. The advantage of this method is the secrecy and unexpectedness of verification.

Mystery shopping is an extremely positive thing. It is aimed at improving the relations of all participants in the service process. Employees verified by mystery shoppers increase their professional skills and value in the labor market. The company makes own image very strong. But the main goal is a satisfied consumer.

Does mystery shopping work?

  • Mystery shopping allows you to ensure that employees work the way your brand wants them to when interacting with real customers.
  • In addition to assessing the behavior of your employees, mystery shopping programs can reveal valuable information about how customers perceive new products or programs that develop your brand.
  • The next one is a mystery audit. It allows your brand to provide a consistent, intentional, and genuine consumer experience.

Giving your company access by a mystery shopper is more manageable and reliable. You can determine the points of the evaluation and make sure they’re aligned with your needs and aims.

Scheduling worldwide is the elite member of the famous mystery shopper association and follows all the standardsWe use a professionally developed report, complete with a formal rating system. This makes the assessments more objective and scientific. Ordering a mystery shopper research, you will regularly receive an assessment of your service quality. Our clients observe service growth already after the first month of cooperation.

You’ll be able to determine the areas you need to improve immediately. As a result, you can build an effective system of motivation for sales staff on this basis. 95 % of our clients already integrated program results to all levels of employee’s motivation.

Our practice shows that using the resources, you will be able to reduce your costs to 75%, depending on the program’s scale. Gaining loyal returning customers is considered cheaper and furthermore valuable than getting the new ones. Getting customers to recommend your business to their families and friends is a great step towards successful branding in the food industry. The most important thing about using a mystery shopper program is turning your casual customers into regular and loyal customers.

By adhering to all the principles and standards of Mystery Shopping, together with quality research and other tools, such as the NPS measurement, the service can be improved in a way that gives an increase in customer loyalty, reduces the number of complaints, increases in the efficiency of stocks, increases the check and conversion. Integral index helps to combine several evaluation tools to control the dynamics of the service. Scheduling keeps a leading position in international mystery shopping. We will be pleased to help your company to be a leader of your sphere.

Take a chance to increase the loyalty of your clients, improve your business by using the benefits of a mystery shopping program!


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