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January 2020
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What Is a Customer Journey Map

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Definition: Customer Journey Experience Map

The notion of customer journey mapping can be interpreted as follows: it’s a visualization of the history of your client’s interaction with your business’s production or service system through different channels in a certain period of time. 

The definition is used for describing a product development methodology. It’s visually displayed as a map. Various options for current and potential customer paths are pointed there.

This survey is presented in a form of the graph where specific information is marked: consumer’s actions during his interaction with the brand, his feelings and emotions, possible problems, etc.

Why Is Customer Journey Mapping Important? or Why Do We Need to Use Customer Journey Map

If you are a designer, such map will promote your getting a deeper understanding of user context and his goals. It will not be a Mission Impossible to realize how to satisfy customer demand. For manufacturers, such research will provide information about which features of enterprise production are eye-catching or essential for a particular target group.

The better you know the needs of your target audience and understand how successful its consumer experience is, the higher the chances of your business are for reaching long-term prospering.

The main goal of CJM is its ability to focus on a consumer and his needs.

How to Do Research for Customer Journey Mapping

On behalf of a client, CJM allows objectively analyzing interacting experience with a product. The survey is a great opportunity to find weak points and ways to fix them, eliminate arising barriers that prevent target audience from getting successful experience. In this case chances to offer reliable and qualitative recommendations for products or services improvement are increased significantly.

CJM — a must-have tool for the organization that strives to meet follower needs in its niche. Eager to know how to do an initial research, “place” such survey in your company and when it is high time for this? Scheduling Worldwide marketing experts will promote your success in the field with pleasure, implementing all their knowledge and experience. Our agency can offer you multiway assistance, including presentation of a customer journey map template. 

Have questions? Contact us to light upon a secret of CJM!

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