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January 2020
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What Is Net Promoter Score Question

Derkach Anastasiya

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Net Promoter Score Benchmarks

The consulting agency specialist, Fred Reichheld, has analyzed customer loyalty to various companies in the USA, including spheres of passenger air transportation, car rental, insurance, etc. Since each organization preferred its own scheme of survey conduction, it was impossible to compare the same parameter within hundreds of corporations.

As an alternative, Mr. Reichheld suggested his version of net promoter score question wording. To note, he was the person to create a standard net promoter score questionnaire. At a ten-point scale, respondents are to answer how likely they feel to recommend a company and its services.

The advantage of this net promoter score question questionnaire is its flexibility and versatility. On the one hand, customers do not spend a lot of time on thinking and giving their answers. That is why their replies are as close to reality as possible. On the other hand, just one single question instead of several usual qualtrics questions helps organizations assess the person’s attitude to their activities.

What Is Good Net Promoter Score?

NPS is considered highly effective for both B2B and B2C organizations. However, if you want to achieve the maximum effect, proper and correct interpretation of survey means a lot.

First of all, employees can conduct a feedback procedure. That can be a form of questionnaire. The aim of the latter is to find out the reasons why consumer willingness to recommend an enterprise is positive or negative. In some cases, you can also ask your audience what you have to do for improving your weak points.

When accepting this metric, it will be much easier for a company to eliminate problems in their inner and outer performance. For example, they will find out how productive their innovations and updates are, as well as how stable and valid the cooperation between horizontal and vertical chains of management is.

Wrap It Up

All in all, there are no doubts that NPS is worth being conducted. The problem may be organization’s unawareness where to start the research and how to interpret the survey. Don’t panic! Experienced Scheduling Worldwide marketing specialists provide service exactly you are looking for to cope with this issue and much more. If you need competitive advantage of net promoter score question sample, feel free to contact us

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