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January 2020
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What Is Product Compliance Test

Irina Yaroshenko

International Sales Manager +4314120126

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Product Compliance Test Definition

Quality assurance — an integral part of any product or service development. For being sure in goods quality, product compliance testing should be held. No matter what your company deals with, this step is essential. From manufacturers of household appliances to industrial equipment, each company must ensure that products launching on the market are safe and adherent to standards.

What is product compliance test in general? It’s an analysis procedure that checks how well an item was built-up or designed, whether it corresponds with the market requirements and quality standards.

Variety of Testing

There are several types of testing. They may differ in their complexity, area of use, etc. For example, FCC and RED Directive certifications belong to wireless testing. However, the first one is valid in the USA, while the second one is applied in the EU.

International certification is a must when a manufacturer has a desire to produce for a mass market. Liquids and fuels can be a possible example in this case.

It does not mean that each product should be checked through all possible testing types. Depending on a good’s type, the corresponding compliance test should be chosen. For instance, medical device testing can be hardly applied to check satellites or digital transmitters.

Wrap It Up

Overall, all companies are aimed at getting their production compliance tests because this action promotes their faster appearing on the market. In this perspective, correct and accurate product compliance test — a guarantee your efforts will be appreciated as its worth.

Nowadays, there’s no need to wait for specialized EMI, CE or FCC compliance testing from different sources. Our Scheduling Worldwide experienced team is ready to cooperate with different companies and offer a 100%-accurate digital products testing. Need help? We are here to answer your requests to the full extent.

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