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February 2020
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Employee Experience

Derkach Anastasiya

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“Among all valuable capital available in the world, the most valuable and decisive capital is people, personnel.”
Joseph Stalin, 1935

Leading companies realize the necessity of investing not only in customer experience for successful business, but in employee experience as well.

EX — What Is Employee Experience?

Employee Experience (EX) is employee’s impressions in the result of interaction with an employer in all areas for the whole period of their interaction. Organizations build relationship with employees throughout its entire life cycle and journey that consists of five stages which a specialist passes in a company: attracting, hiring and adapting, fulfilling duties, career growth and development, termination.

Nowadays many innovative HR specialists set the formation of a favorable experience for employees as their priority task.

Why It Is Important

Designing the positive experience of employees can have a significant impact on many aspects of an organization. A lot of managers evaluate EX as a very important parameter in the work of an enterprise. Some companies report a close connection between the best employee experience and key performance results. Employees with the most positive experience show better labor productivity.

The task of HR is to inspire, define an understandable and clear mission that many completely different people are ready to follow, create a culture of opened and sincere feedback. EX affects many factors in business:

  • image and reputation of a company as an employer;
  • personnel turnover level and speed;
  • an opportunity to attract the best specialists in the market;
  • problems with retention of employees for more than 6 months;
  • personal brand of the business owner, etc.

We can conclude that business success and its profitability depend on the experience of employees.

The positive EX leads to the fact that your employees do not think about changing their jobs, and are ready to give a hundred per cent. Moreover, they are happy to promote the company’s HR brand and products. This affects the improvement of business indicators, as it leads to lower costs for the search and retention of personnel, increase revenues due to increased productivity.

How To Evaluate EX?

The most successful companies deeply understand their staff and make a lot of efforts in order to create an environment where people do not just want to work to satisfy their basic needs, but choose their mission to be a part of this organization.

  • Regularly conduct a staff engagement survey.
  • Evaluate eNPS over time.
  • Determine the level and reasons of staff turnover.
  • Ask employees for honest feedback and ideas for improvement.
  • Conduct a Mystery Employee program.

In addition to focusing on missions, there are three important aspects that form an environment that directly affects what the employee experience in the organization will be:

  • Physical — physical space, flexible approaches to work, etc.
  • Technological — technology availability, automation, modern business tools, etc.
  • Cultural — management practices that affect the work of employees, for example, internal processes for cooperation and decision making, etc.

Wrap It Up

The fact is that striving to create an environment in which employees will gain positive experience, taking into account the employees’ wishes and needs when designing internal processes becomes the most important task on the way of transforming a company into a modern organization, effective and attractive for talents.

Your EX management should be aimed at letting an employee to track his path in a company, feel his involvement in an organized and attentive corporation, receive quick answers to his wishes, learn new skills and plan his professional development.

Our skilled marketing professionals can help you design a wise strategy for managing EX, considering your staff perceptions, environmental factors at their workplace, and a consumer-style approach to personnel department, that will lead to better employee involvement, engagement and enthusiasm. Following the link, find out how Scheduling Worldwide experts can upgrade your HR processes, implementing a secret employee program.

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