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January 2020
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How To Create a B2B Customer Journey Map

Derkach Anastasiya

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Every entrepreneur conceives an idea how to result his company in prosperity. The common concept of components of success is usually narrowed down to reasonable business plan, high quality of goods and services, competitive price, skilled personnel, and wise management. However, for many leaders, consumer care as one of key success factors of a firm, is a revelation.

A Secret Ingredient

In fact, clients are a valuable asset for any commercial organisation. If people do not purchase goods or services offered, all company’s activities will stuck into dead point.

In order to attract customers, it is essential to find out their needs and suggest satisfying them. The next step is to transform visitors into loyal buyers. To achieve this, you should be aware about the barriers that a client can face, and discern what influences his decision.

The method of mapping your customer journey helps investigating the path which a consumer travels from the idea he needs a specific product to the purchase itself, and to discover what he experiences on this way.

How to Create a Realistic Customer Journey Map (CJM)

Understanding customer experience is revealed through designing a Customer Journey Map, which shows person’s trip to the product, detects areas of concern and supply a clue how to increase sales and promote clients loyalty.

Customer Journey Map is a visualisation of steps, stages and points of interaction with the brand, product or service, considering client’s thoughts, emotions, goals, and motives.

Types of CJM

There are several forms of B2B CJMs, depending on business needs. A typical map represents strategic introduction of phases of B2B customer journey, along with touchpoints where a client can contact with a firm at every stage of the trip. A tactical map concentrates on a specific touchpoint to emphasise the process that a customer passes at that level.


Main Stages Of Creating CJM

How to draw customer journey map? Prior to making a map, it is needed to monitor consumer’s behavior at all meeting points of his intersection with the company. For a profound analysis, we should collect enough information about a client and a product itself, and then correctly fix it on the map.

This process consists of several steps:

1 Collect data

Analyze the target audience. Who are your customers? What are their goals, interests and needs? Form groups of images of your potential clients basing on this information.

You need to gather comprehensive details for each of the characters:

  • How do they learn about the company?
  • What competitors do they apply to?
  • Why do they decide on dealing with you or refusing offers?

Studying the interests and values ​​of each group will help luring new customers and retain existing ones.

2 Fix points and channels of interaction

At this stage, put on the map all points where a client is contacting your brand. Write down what actions gradually lead the buyer to the product and what channels direct him. Then record what actions the client performs when he uses a certain channel, and what goals he wants to achieve.

3 Find out critical points and barriers

What prevents your client moving from step to step? Highlight the moments when a buyer retards on his way to the product, taking much time to make a decision or opting for competitors.

When the list of barriers is ready, find ways to eliminate them. Considering the collected data, make the client’s path faster and more comfortable.

To systematize relationship with clients, you need to regularly update maps, track dynamics and make adjustments. In this case, CJM will help increase conversions, find new channels of interaction and attract loyal customers.

Our contribution

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