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January 2020
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Retail Customer Journey Map

Derkach Anastasiya

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Retail customer journey map identifies and corrects consumers’ pain points. In today’s retail environment good CX is everything. But its understanding can be complicated. For better understanding and evaluating various end-to-end experience with your store use the following steps of retail customer journey mapping. It helps to create empathy, unite teams and uncover opportunities for improved interaction.

1. Creating consumer images

It helps you to understand who your real customers are and shows their needs. You need to track their behavior and find insights to get a more complete picture. Your main audience should be agents of brands. They are constant consumers of retail stores.

2. Identifying the stages a customer goes through

This step should show the real customer journey purpose and help you to create a map of their first step in your retail store. Why are they on this stage or step and what for? What is their motive and how will their journey evolve in the next stages/ steps? It should embody the customer’s focused journey, not your business steps.

3. Identifying consumer interaction points

Points of interaction with a customer are such moments when your brand comes into contact with a customer, from the beginning to the end — before, during or after the purchase from your retail store.

4. Identifying barriers

The barriers prevent your client from moving from one point to another. These can be errors on a web site or spam emails, as well as doubts or loss of buyer’s interest. It is necessary to identify barriers and find ways to overcome them.

5. Remove barriers

The ultimate goal of the map is to create a positive consumer experience, continuous and successful interaction between a customer and a product. There should be just a few barriers, and consumer’s journey on the map should be comfortable.

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